Our First “Ohana” Family Picnic on Sunday 12th June is Cancelled!

We are truly disappointed to have to cancel the Passage ”Ohana” Family Picnic planned for Sunday 12th June. Sadly rain and possible thunderstorms forecast for Sunday will curtail our plans for a great day spent outdoors with friends and family. Sorry to all the supporters of Passage who were going to join us, but we hope to re-do this event in the future.



The Passage team never need an excuse to celebrate… but we will be celebrating the concept of family at our first “Ohana” Family Picnic and we would love to invite you all to join us for a leisurely day outdoors at Merl Park from 2pm-6pm.

“Ohana” means family in Hawaiian culture, but for many of us here in Luxembourg, that meaning can take on several forms. Be it your own domestic units or the broader community in general, but having a comforting sense of ‘family’ in your new adopted country is ultimately what settles you and makes it home. This picnic is intended be a chance to connect with our own families, the community as a whole and the beautiful environment around us.

The day we envision may be relaxed and informal, but we will also be welcoming Sariah Ann Howard from Hawaii, who will be introducing her “Cloud Tales” concept to everyone. She’ll hopefully be bringing along some amazing weather with her too and getting everyone to ignite their imaginations deciphering the skies above. Continuing the theme, the day will also feature some Rainbow Family Yoga fun with Lynn, who will get everyone to create a ‘giant magic carpet’ and have them reach for the clouds!

So bring your family and friends, a picnic, extra blankets, sun protection and your boundless imagination to the park. Spread the news and we hope to see many of you there… all together like one big happy family!


The Venue: Parc Merl-Belair, Luxembourg
(green near the cafe and childrens’s playground).


NB: Fingers crossed that we are blessed with sunny conditions on the day – but bearing in mind, it is Summer in Luxembourg! – then please be warned that the “Ohana” Family Picnic may be cancelled in the event of any forecast rain or incremental weather. You can keep checking our PassageParents twitter feed for all the latest updates for this and all our upcoming events.


Ohana Family Picnic Poster:Flyer