Don’t Miss: An Upcoming “Learning How to Learn” One-day Workshop for Parents and Children from Mindgility

For those families that have children soon to or have just transitioned from primary to secondary school, you would hope that the change would be a seamless one for both the child and parents. However the reality can sometimes be a different story, as life can throw unforeseen obstacles or other external challenges in your path.

Well never fear because help is at hand, as there is an upcoming all-day “Learning How to Learn” workshop that helps to combat the emotional, mental, organisational and academic demands that this defining transition will bring. Please note that this workshop is intended for both the parent and child; it is conducted in English by Sophie Le Dorner from Mindgility and Lynn Frank.

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Want to Quit the Power Struggles?

Engaging in a New Relationship with Yourself & Your Child

The transition from primary to secondary education is one of the most stressful events in a young person’s life (Zeedyk et al., 2003) and has either a positive or a negative impact on psychological well-being and academic achievement. Supporting children in a successful transition into secondary education and beyond is therefore essential.

Easing the way towards autonomous teens is a journey offered in Luxembourg. This innovative program is based on both multi-modal and neuro-pedagogical approaches. The 7 steps or 7C’s will be starting on the Saturday 16th November 2019 and will be offered to both parents and children (9-11 years old).


N°1. CONNECTION is the first topic of the program:

On this day, we will introduce a new tool to connect with your emotional and behavioural self as well as how to engage in a new relationship with your child on a new level.


Time: Saturday 16th November, from 9.15am to 4.30pm

Place: Hollenfels (only 20 minutes from Lux City)

Cost: Special price 260€/day (1 child & 1 parent), lunch included


Trainers: Sophie Le Dorner from Mindgility & Lynn Frank