EVENTS: Upcoming Lycée “Open Days” and “Portes Ouvertes”

“Open Days” or “Portes Ouvertes” are usually dedicated days organised by schools and lycées, where prospective students and their families are able to explore the school and it’s facilities; meet and greet existing pupils and teaching faculty; learn about the curriculum and the pedagogical approach; and receive practical information to help facilitate decision-making.

Here is a list released by the Ministry of Education (Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale, de l’Enfance et de la Jeunesse) of some upcoming dates not to miss. The graphic below is the ‘page at a glance’ but for an interactive pdf document, please refer to the weblink provided.


Dates ‘At A Glance’



To view or download the interactive pdf document, please click on the link shown:



Local School Holidays 2018-2020

Similarly to help with advance planning, here is the link to see the local school holidays for the academic years up to 2020. It is important to note that dates for the European and International Schools may differ, so please refer to their respective websites for clarification.



Last updated: Monday 29th January, 2018