Support for Students in Luxembourgish Schools has a New Name

In June 2017 the Maison de l’orientation (Orientation House) came into legislation recognising the on-going need for Special Educational support in Luxembourgish schools. The “Centre” in Luxembourg Ville was previously known as CPOS and in line with these changes is now known as CePAS (Centre Psycho-social d’Accompagnement Scolaires); and the SPOS which are located in Luxembourgish secondary schools have become SePAS (Service Psycho-social d’Accompagnement Scolaires) to give a broader concept of psycho-social guidance.


The “Centre” (CePAS) located in the city center within the Maison de l’orientation, and the “Services” (SePAS) located within each secondary school both offer counselling and guidance to pupils and their parents.

The CePAS does have additional missions such as:

  • being a resource center (documentation, quality development, continuous training) for the psycho-social professionals working within secondary schools
  • managing financial aids for pupils

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