Passage Professionals Networking (PPN) Evenings

Passage Professionals Networking Evenings

The Passage Professionals Network (PPN) meets every 6 weeks for an evening of discussion, information sharing and social networking. These events are generally organized around one or two presentations by practitioners, or a discussion concerning the challenges of working and supporting families in Luxembourg.

If you would like to become part of our Professionals Network or know of a practitioner who might be interested in our work please contact Eyda Moot at:


Is There Something You Would Like to Share?

We are continuously looking to build on our roster of speakers at these events and would welcome any contribution you may wish to share with our loyal group of English-speaking practitioners and professionals.

We set certain parameters for every guest speaker and we would ask that you please abide by the guidelines that are indicated in the sign-up sheet. Other than that, the platform is yours for the taking and we hope that you enjoy sharing your story as much as we are sure to gain from listening to it!

To register your interest in speaking at one of our Professionals Networking evenings, please download the sign-up/commitment sheet by clicking on the link:

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Our Next Professionals Networking Evening

Event 27:  Thursday 29th November 2018

On the night, we will have the pleasure of hearing from Libby Kramer – a certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist – who will talk about: “Helping Children Deal with Loss – the Grief Recovery Method”.

Moving house, changing schools, losing a pet, a death or divorce… these normal experiences growing up can profoundly affect children. Unfortunately, the way we tend to deal with losses in our culture means that well-meaning adults often say things to children that don’t help them deal effectively with grief. Instead, they’re left feeling more isolated, misunderstood and frustrated than before.

Libby will give an insight into the Grief Recovery Method and how it teaches parents, teachers and caregivers about what grief REALLY is, and how they can help their children deal with loss in a healthy and constructive way.

As always the main focus of the evening is still a Professionals networking event, so we hope that after Libby’s engaging and perceptive talk, you will still find the time to join us for a social drink and meal to herald in the upcoming festive period. We look forward to your company on the night!

If you interested in joining us at the event, please email: to confirm your attendance.





Previous Professionals Networking Evenings

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