EVENT: International Forum on Learning Disorders – Register Now!

Saturday 30th January, 8.30am-6pm

Troubles d'apprentissage PosterThere is an International Forum on Learning Disorders, organised by the Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse on Saturday, 30th January from 8.30am. This important event aims to create a platform for dialogue and exchange with parents, teachers and professionals concerned with the issue and throughout the day, innovative ideas and best practices will be presented and discussed.

There is a full schedule of themed workshops planned for the afternoon (2pm-3.30pm) in different languages, including one in English on Dyslexia by Judith Sanson (President of Dyslexia International). For more information on this particular course entitled “Dyslexia – New Ways Forward”, please click on the title for the relevant link. There will also be a section with stands called the ‘Village du Savoir’ (click ‘Village du Savoir’ on their website), where you get the opportunity to meet and speak to various representatives and experts from the many different organisations in Luxembourg.

Venue: European Convention Center, 4 Place de l’Europe, L-1499 Luxembourg. For more information about the event and the day’s agenda, please see: www.dysforum.lu