EVENT: Two Parenting Seminars on Drug Awareness and Prevention – Tuesday 2nd May

Just a reminder that this coming Tuesday 2nd May sees two (English-language) international schools broach and tackle the difficult subject of Drug Awareness and Prevention. Both events are open to the general public and it is advised to book ahead if possible.


The International School of Luxembourg (ISL) – starts 6.45pm

The International School of Luxembourg (ISL) will be holding another of their parenting seminars entitled: “Empowering Children to be Drug-Free”, where a team of professionals will share their knowledge in helping parents navigate the challenges of drug usage with their children. This seminar is encouraging both parents and students to attend, with the primary aim to encourage and support the non-use of illegal and illicit drugs, empowering our next generation to live lives with a freedom from chemical dependencies.

The venue as always is the Upper School Auditorium, 36 Boulevard Pierre Dupong, L-1430 Luxembourg. To book your seat(s) for the evening, please click on the following link. For further information feel free to contact Lou Gervais, ISL’s Upper School Counsellor on: lgervais@yislux.lu


Lycée International School Michel Lucius – from 7pm-8pm

Also that same evening is the Parents’ Conference at the Lycée International School Michel Lucius. Their presentation is entitled: “The Drugs and Our Children – How to Detect the Signs, How to React, and What to Do?” with guest speaker, police commissioner Steve Goedert (Service Prévention de la Police Grand-Ducale).

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then join the conference to listen and to take part in the discussions. Please note that the languages are Luxembourgish, French and English (simultaneous translations will be provided by ASTI). The address for the conference is the Salle Polyvalente, Lycée International School Michel Lucius, 157 avenue Pasteur, L-2311 Luxembourg.