New English Primary Public School to Open in September: Call for Expressions of Interest from Parents

Last night at the Luxembourgish Schools Support Group (LSSG) meeting concerning Primary education in public schools, the Lycée International School Michel Lucius announced that they will be opening a new Primary school in the city centre this September. This was the first official announcement however the Minister for Education will make a statement with more information at Easter.

For now we can confirm that the school are asking for expressions of interest from parents of children 6-12 years old. This will give them a clear indication of how many parents are interested in this option. You can contact the school online via their website or email.

The new International Primary school will follow the Cambridge International Curriculum, which is closely linked to UK National Curriculum. Please click on the link for further clarification of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum.




The school will open with years 1-6 which roughly follow the Luxembourgish school cycles 2-4 (Primary level). The primary language of instruction will be English and children will also receive Luxembourgish lessons and choose from either German or French to study as a foreign language. They can choose a further language to study at Secondary level if they stay in this system. Classes will usually be between 16-21 children. Teachers are being recruited internationally as well as here in Luxembourg. There will also be an after care programme of activities. The school will be open to children all over Luxembourg but they will not be providing transport so parents will need to organise this themselves. As this is a public school admission will be free.

Each family who wishes to apply will be assessed on an individual basis and we have been told that English does not need to be their mother tongue.

Further information will follow after the press release after Easter.


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Last updated: Wednesday 29th March, 2017