Pregnancy & Birthing

Pregnancy and becoming a new parent are typically held as a magical time of wonder and joy. Although this is true for some new parents, becoming a parent is a huge life transition which presents its own challenges. Some pregnancies are fraught with medical complications and anxieties as are some births.

Even after the most straightforward pregnancy, life in the early days with a new baby often involves sleep deprivation, uncertainty and anxiety about whether we are ‘doing it right’ and, especially for Expats, a potential sense of isolation.

Physical, mental and emotional health are all impacted by becoming a parent. Sometimes positively and sometimes less so. In this section we talk about some common issues that can cause parents anxiety or concern and look at what support is available in Luxembourg.


In this section we will cover:

Birth Preparation

Breast Feeding

Postnatal Depression

Having a Premature Baby

Coping with Loss (in development)


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Last updated:  Wednesday 14th October, 2015