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Support for Breast Feeding and as a New Parent in Luxembourg

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to nurture your baby. It is often assumed that new mums mums instinctively know how to breastfeed their baby but in today’s society, where we do not always grow up around an extended family, and are perhaps not able to watch friends and relatives feed their own babies from an early age, breastfeeding can seem like a bit of a challenge. Perhaps it is more accurate to think that breastfeeding is a skill that new mum and new baby learn together. With the right support and encouragement, nearly all mums can successfully breastfeed their baby but living as an Expat, perhaps far away from friends and family it can be daunting to know where to go for support. The good news is that there is lots of support on offer here in Luxembourg.


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Before your Baby is Born

It’s a good idea to go to the breastfeeding classes offered at the hospital where you are giving birth. If you have friends or family who are breastfeeding, it’s also worth talking with them about their experiences and watching them feed.


After your Baby’s Birth

All the maternity hospitals in Luxembourg offer some form of support with infant feeding. The Grand Duchesse Charlotte Maternite is also designated Baby Friendly by UNICEF.

Once you are at home, you can approach a community midwife (Sage Femme Liberales) to arrange a home visit. At least 1 visit is covered by your Health Insurance and if you want more support you can ask your Doctor for a prescription for extra visits or pay privately. If you had an ‘ambulent delivery’ you are entitled to 10 home visits from a Sage Femme. All women can also ask their doctor to prescribe midwife visits if they feel they need extra support.


There are also a range of support groups and support via phone or email which are available to new parents. Options are summarised below:

Support for breast feeding and as a new parent in Luxembourg

  • Your Doctor and the hospital where you are giving birth
  • Sage Femmes Liberales
  • Initiative Leuwensufank – also offer a Baby hotline: ( +352) 36 05 98, Monday to Friday 9:00 – 11:30 am or
  • La Leche League – for breast feeding support groups and advice via phone and email
  • Lingue Medico Sociale – A government child health scheme that offers monthly drop in sessions and training to parents and access to advice from trained Health Professionals. Enquire at your Commune for local meetings.
  • Well Baby Clinic – also offer a range of groups including Mums, Bumps and Babies Group which meets once a fortnight on a Wednesday morning and offers support, advice and an opportunity to weigh your baby and Motherhood Matters, a discussion group for new mums, which meets every second Wednesday in the morning.



Further Information: Useful Links

Websites have the advantage of being accessible night and day, and can be a fast route to good quality information. However, do bear in mind, particularly if browsing personal websites or online parenting forums, that there is often no overall quality control. Some suggestions of helpful sites include:

The Breastfeeding Network

Best Beginnings

La Leche League

Biological Nurturing

Kelly Mom

Baby Wisdom



Article by:  Kate Ensor, who is a coordinator for Passage and a postnatal group facilitator & childbirth educator at the Well Baby Clinic of Luxembourg.

Last updated:  Friday 17th April, 2015