1st Passage Seminar: Improving your child’s concentration

Our 1st Passage evening seminar on Wednesday 13th November 2013 featured a panel of four guest speakers, who each presented their expert and holistic take on the issue of concentration and ways in which to focus and improve it. Where possible we have included their evening’s presentation as an available download for your reference.

Please note that all their information has been generously written specifically for the Passage seminar and we please ask that you respect their copyright – and not re-produce the material for any commercial gain – unless permission from the individual author has been previously obtained.


Dr Susie Tunstall-Pedoe – General Practitioner

Susie Tunstall-Pedoe is a British Médecin Généraliste working in Luxembourg City. As a seasoned family doctor and mother of 4 children, she will use her broad experience to discuss ways both medical and non-medical of helping your child to concentrate.

Contact tel: +352 27 85 28-1
Email: tunstall.susie@cmilux.lu
Web: www.cmilux.lu

Concentration-Susies-Presentation_Nov2013.pdf (666 downloads)


Pam Charlton – Additional Educational Needs Specialist

Pam Charlton has lived in Luxembourg for the last 12 years and is married with two children. She has worked in education for the last 16 years and joined St. Georges International School 12 years ago. She specialised in special needs and began supporting pupils with learning difficulties 6 years ago. Working with pupils in both primary & secondary that show signs of learning difficulty that requires additional support to the support they receive within the normal classroom environment.

Concentration-Pams-Presentation_Nov2013.pdf (640 downloads)


Jodie Stirling – Neurolinguistic Kinesiologist

Jodie is something of a seasoned expat – she hails from British parents but was born and bred in Australia, has lived in Hong Kong for several years and is married to an Irishman. Also, as a Mum of three she’s earned her parenting stripes. But most of all, she’s a great listener. Which is the perfect skill to have as she is a trained ‘Neurolinguistic Kinesiologist’ who is specialised in ‘Brain Gym’.

If you have a child that is perhaps ‘highly sensitive’, dyslexic, suffers from anxiety, depression or mood swings, poor co-ordination, ADHD, or even if they have been diagnosed with Aspergers or Austistic spectrum disorders, this is the field of therapy designed to treat those very issues. Jodie has been in Luxembourg for just over 1 year now and practices from the Luxembourg Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Kirchberg.

Email: kinesiologyforkids@gmail.com
Web: www.connectedkids.lu


Tessa Montague – Naturopath

Tessa Montague is a herbalist, nutritionist and massage therapist who specializes in women and children’s health. She started working in the healthcare industry in 2005, and combines evidence-based natural medicine with traditional healing philosophies to achieve optimum health and well-being for her patients. Tessa established Natural Health Solutions at the start of 2012, and is based in Strassen.

Contact tel: +352 661 20 24 72
Email: info@naturalhealth.lu
Web: www.naturalhealth.lu

Concentration-Tessas-Presentation_Nov2013.pdf (712 downloads)



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