Recommended Reading


Becoming a Mother by Kate Mosse
Great for expectant mums who want lots of detail on pregnancy and the first few weeks.

Birth and Beyond by Dr Yehudi Gordon (2002)
Written by one of the pioneers of water birth and active birth in the UK, this book offers an informative and empowering guide for parents from conception, through pregnancy, birth and becoming a new parent. Also offers a helpful A-Z health guide.

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn (4th Edition): The Complete Guide by Penny Simkin (2010)
An authoritative and informative guide written by a renowned Doula, childbirth educator and physical therapist.

Pregnancy: the inside story by Joan Raphael-Leff
The author, a psychoanalyst and mother, draws on her many years of experience working with pregnant women to explore the psychological and emotional roller coaster of pregnancy. “No pregnant woman could finish this book and think herself strange for whatever feelings pregnancy has evoked.” – Melissa Benn, British Journal of Psychotherapy.

The birth of a mother: how motherhood changes you forever by Daniel Stern
Great for a psychological exploration of motherhood complemented by a narrative of the early days of life through the eyes of a baby.

The Bloke’s Guide to Pregnancy – Jon Smith (2004)
A down-to-earth book with real stories and advice.

The rough guide to pregnancy and birth by Kaz cooke (2006)
An entertaining guide to your pregnancy week by week.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting, 4th Edition by Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel (2008)
An American bestseller that explores pregnancy stage by stage.


Babies and Toddlers

Babycalming: Simple Solutions for a Happy Baby by Caroline Deacon (2004)
Explores how to develop understanding of your babies 3 basic needs for food, comfort and sleep.

Child Sense by Priscilla Dunstan (2010)
Dustan focusses on the babies sensory world, suggesting all babies have a predominant preferred sense. She offers questionnaires to help parents understand their won baby.

The attachment parenting book by William and Martha Sears (2001)
The Sears are husband and wife, Dr and nurse and parents of 8 children. They share their ethos of attachment parenting in the belief it can help families be calmer and connected.

The baby in the mirror by Charles Fernyhough (2008)
Fernyhough mixes a personal account of his developing relationship with his own daughter and current theories about child development.

The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the night by Elizabeth Pantley (2002)
Tips and step by step techniques to encourage your baby to sleep.

The baby Sense Secret by Megan Faure (2011)
Guidance on supporting your baby to make the transition from womb to world and establish early routines.

The Secrets of the baby Whisperer: how to calm, connect and communicate with your baby by Tracy Hogg (2001)
Hogg, a nanny with 20 years’ experience guides parents through her EASY routine.

The Social Baby by Lynn Murray and Liz Andrews (2000)
A beautiful photographic record of baby’s amazing communication skills from birth onwards.

What every parent needs to know, by Margot Sunderland (2006)
Sunderland, a child psychologist explores some of the psychological aspects of raising a child.

The Wonder Weeks by Hetty van de Rijt and Frans Plooij (2013)
This husband and wife team explore the idea that babies encounter massive developmental leaps or milestones at predictable times and understanding this can help explain babies changing behaviour.