Challenging Behaviours

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In this section we will go on to discuss over the coming months, why is my child angry all the time? What can we do about our teenager ‘talking back’ to us? What can we do with our ‘naughty’ child he won’t sit still? What has happened to my lovely little girl?



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If you are concerned about your child or have any questions about parenting in Luxembourg you can contact the Online Parent service in English at the Kanner Jugend Telefon




Further Information: Recommended Reading

How to Stay Calm With Your Difficult Child – Useful article reminding us to take a deep breath when dealing with challenging behaviour.

Is your child ‘acting out’ his anger in other ways – This article focuses on ‘passive aggressive’ challenging behaviour.



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If you have experience as parents or professional expertise in this area please write us an article. We can publish articles anonymously to protect your identity if you prefer but other parents would welcome another point of view. For further information about how you can contribute to this ‘living’ resource’ see our section How to Get Involved or contact us at:



Last updated:  Tuesday 17th March, 2015