Special Needs

As families we all have times when we need some extra information, advice or support. We may only need signposting to where to go for information on drugs & alcohol or sex education for our Teenager, or we may need a little extra advice about how to deal with Toddler Tantrums in the family or support because we feel like we’ve tried it all and nothing seems to work. Having spoken to parents we have identified some of these areas of concern in our ‘Special Needs’ section. The intention is that this section will grow along the journey with our website.

If you have experience as parents or professional expertise in this area please write us an article. We can publish articles anonymously to protect your identity if you prefer but other parents would welcome another point of view. For further information about how you can contribute to this living resource’ see our section How to Get Involved or contact us at passage.parents@gmail.com.