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In this section we will go on to discuss over the coming months, what are drugs and why do young people use them? Where do they get them from? What drugs are available in Luxembourg? How can I teach my child to say ‘no’? What are the risks? How can we minimize harm as parents? Where do we go for information, advice and support? What do we do if our child has a drug or alcohol problem in Luxembourg?



Further Information: Useful Links

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If you are concerned about your child or have any questions about parenting in Luxembourg you can contact the Online Parent service in English at the Kanner Jugend Telefon



Talk to Frank: is a UK based comprehensive website for young people and adults about Drugs & Alcohol. It gives information and advice about drugs, their use, the risks and the effects. We recommend that parents visit this site to increase knowledge about drug use, drug names (including slang names) and popular drugs used by young people.


DrugRehabCom: A US website designed to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and to pursue lifelong recovery. Their Substance Abuse Guide for Parents is particularly useful as it focuses on teens and addiction. There are practical sections on prevention, risk factors, symptoms checks, and tips for constructive conversations.



Further Information: Recommended Reading

Drugs – A Parent’s Guide by Judy MacKie (2013)
This is a good guide to inform parents and help start conversations with young people about drug use and abuse.

All About Drugs and Young People: Essential Information and Advice for Parents and Professionals by Julian Cohen (2014)
Packed with information, advice and learning activities, this book tells you what you need to know about drugs, young people’s drug use, and how you can help them stay safe. It covers everything from what the effects are and why young people take drugs, to how to negotiate drug rules and ways to prevent and minimise harm.


A Little Book of Alcohol: Activities to Explore Alcohol Issues with Young People by Venessa Rogers (2012)

A Little Book of Drugs: Activities to Explore Drug Issues with Young People by Venessa Rogers (2012)
Both these books by Vanessa Rogers are designed to encourage discussion about Alcohol & Drug Use with young people.



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If you have experience as parents or professional expertise in this area please write us an article. We can publish articles anonymously to protect your identity if you prefer but other parents would welcome another point of view. For further information about how you can contribute to this ‘living’ resource’ see our section How to Get Involved or contact us at: passage.parents@gmail.com



Last updated:  Friday 15th June, 2018