Higher Education

Higher Education and other educational opportunities

After Secondary education your child may decide to go straight into the job market, train further in an apprenticeship or ‘stage’ on the job, go into Higher Education or take a ‘gap year’ travelling or possibly volunteering abroad.

In this section we will explore educational opportunities for young adults after they leave school in Luxembourg and beyond.


Higher Education

Your child could potentially go to a Higher Education establishment anywhere in the world depending on their level of qualification and motivation, language skills and interest. Both the Baccalaureate (IB & EB) and the IGCSE and A’ levels are generally recognized Internationally. However, you may need to pass another entrance exam to be considered for some Universities. In this section we will only explore opportunities in English speaking Universities e.g. American. Students from Luxembourg may also be interested in joint studies programmes that allow students to complete courses in two European countries (especially if their second language is good enough). For more information about this see the Erasmus Programme or check with individual Universities for courses that offer this opportunity.


Applying to University

Increasingly universities in Europe (outside the UK) who are offering Higher Education courses in English. You will need to apply to these Universities separately. If you do not have European Residential status you will need to apply for a student visa to attend these Higher Education establishments.

For Universities in the UK you will need to apply through UCAS

UCAS stands for the University College and Admissions Service. It is the organisation that looks after people’s applications to higher education. So, they act as a kind of link between you, your school and all the universities you might want to apply to. For more information you can read the following link.

American Universities

To apply for an American University you will need to have passed SAT tests. For more information see their website.

You will then need to apply to Universities or Higher Education Colleges individually.


Educational opportunities whilst taking a ‘Gap Year’

‘gap year’ is the term often used when referring to some time students may take between finishing school and starting work, or some kind of Further or Higher Education. During this time they might get a job to save up money for University, or travel and work abroad. There are agencies that specifically train and support volunteers working on a range of projects abroad. You can find further details at Projects Abroad who also have sites and offices in Belgium and France.

Most Higher Education establishments will allow students to delay their entry into Higher Education for a ‘gap year’ experience but this must be arranged in advance.


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