Loss and Bereavement

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In this section we will go on to discuss over the coming months how to cope and find your way following a loss? The distinct stages of your grief journey? How to offer bereavement support to others? What are the practical and legal aspects following a death here in Luxembourg – of a non-native resident or even of a visitor? Where to go for information, advice and practical support?


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 Further Information: Useful Links

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If you are concerned about your child or have any questions about parenting in Luxembourg you can contact the Online Parent service in English at the Kanner Jugend Telefon


Care for the Family: UK-based website with a dedicated section offering bereavement support to parents and to those who are living with loss.


Grief Support for the English-speaking Community in Luxembourg – a Passage factsheet with information on counselling and support services available In Luxembourg (in English) to help cope with loss and bereavement. The document contains hyperlinks to resource websites and the necessary contact emails. Click to download.

Passage-Grief-Support-Factsheet.pdf (1711 downloads)



Further Information: Recommended Reading

How to Help a Grieving Friend: 11 Things to Do When You’re Not Sure What to Do Useful article by Megan Devine (a licensed clinical counsellor) providing some supportive ways in which to help a friend or family member who is experiencing a severe loss.

10 Things to Read When You’re Grieving
Here are 10 books or poems – as recommended by the PBS NewsHour website – that may help you survive a period of loss and to navigate the process of grieving.

Guidelines for Helping Grieving Children
Children need to feel that it is okay to talk about death and grief. This is a article from the Vitas Healthcare website that offers sensible and relatable examples on how best to broach the subject if the time arises. There are more useful links provided within the article itself.

Symptoms of Major Depression and Complicated Grief
An invaluable article from the American Cancer Society, which highlights certain mental health issues to be aware of, when a person is expressing grief responses not explained by normal bereavement.


Specific Situations

10 Things I’ve Learned in the 10 Years Since Our Daughter’s Birth and Death  Inspiring blogpost by Carissa Kapcar, a writer and mother of 4 (three living) on how to cope with the (perinatal) loss of a baby.

Grief & the Loss of a Pet
Expert advice and practical healing tips from the Petcoach website on how to cope with the emotions and grief of losing a loved pet.

Preparing for the Death of a Terminally-ill Loved One: What to Expect, and How to Help the Entire Family Move Forward
If you have a loved one with a terminal illness, the Neptune Society have created this supportive guide to helping your family grieve. It provides insight on staying strong and supporting each other throughout the process, with special considerations for children.

Coping With The Stigma of Grieving an Overdose Death
The perceived stigma of drug-related deaths, often results in survivors feeling guilt and shame about discussing their grief and loss. The DrugRehab.org website has some useful advice and prompts on how to open the dialogue up with compassion and understanding.



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If you have experience as parents or professional expertise in this area please write us an article. We can publish articles anonymously to protect your identity if you prefer but other parents would welcome another point of view. For further information about how you can contribute to this ‘living’ resource’ see our section How to Get Involved or contact us at: info@passage.lu



Last updated:  Tuesday 19th June, 2018