Anxiety & Depression

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In this section we will go on to discuss over the coming months the rising concern for young people’s mental health. What are the warning signs for anxiety or depression in our children? What makes children anxious or depressed? How can we support our children? Where to go for information, advice and support? What can we do to reduce anxiety and depression in young people today?


Depression & Suicide – What to do if you think your child is feeling suicidal? What are the warning signs? The importance of taking these signs seriously and where to get help and support?


For Young People – What teenagers can do if they think a friend is suicidal? Coping with the suicide of a friend. Where to get help and support in Luxembourg? What to do in an emergency?



 Further Information: Useful Links

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If you are concerned about your child or have any questions about parenting in Luxembourg you can contact the Online Parent service in English at the Kanner Jugend Telefon



Samaritans UK: Information for people concerned about others or feeling suicidal themselves. You can call, email or write to this service.

Childline UK: Information, advice and support for children and young people feeling suicidal.

ReachOut: Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people (and the family), providing practical support and information to help them get through everything from everyday issues to tough times. They deliver online tools that address youth mental health and reduce youth suicide.


Online Programme

GoZen!: An anxiety relief online programme that teaches your child how to understand and control their chronic worry and anxiety via animated videos and exercises, so they learn skills of resilience and well-being. GoZen! offers a suite of educational programs and tools designed to give parents and professionals what they need to arm kids with essential life skills to not only manage stress and anxiety, but to live with deeper engagement and purpose.



Further Information: Recommended Reading

Anxious Teenagers – How to support your teenager if they are feeling insecure or anxious.

Kids and Depression – This two part article (second part here) gives valuable insight into how depression manifests in children and how parents and educators can help.


Anxiety & Depression – Suicide

Coping with Suicidal Thoughts – Childline UK resource pages on what to do if you are feeling suicidal.

Preventing Youth Suicide Tips for Parents & Educators – Guide to risk factors and warning signs of suicide in young people.

How Teenagers can Help a Friend They are Concerned About – Guide for teenagers with early warning signs and what to do if a friend or fellow student is suicidal



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Last updated:  Friday 5th May, 2017