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Lifelong Learning – Adult Education

Learning a new skill or building on our knowledge and experience is known to be a great way of staying young, and engaged with our children. This is partly because it models the learning process for your child. Watching you try something new and possibly struggling in the process helps you both appreciate what your child is going through, and as an extra incentive your child may actually learn study skills by watching you study. You might even consider learning a new skill together or establish a joint study time. Better still get your older child to teach you a skill!

Living in Luxembourg, especially if you are from another country, provides great opportunities to learn new languages and explore other cultures through their food, arts and music. You and your children can explore neighboring countries and experience different approaches to life whilst learning together. Your child can practice the new language skills they are gaining in school, which can make the learning feel more relevant and alive.


Learning a New Language in Luxembourg

There are lots of language schools in Luxembourg. You will need to make your choice depending on your available time to attend courses, your level of competence, what qualification you would like to work towards, and how much you are willing to pay. You may also consider whether you want one to one or group tuition, more formal (business) or conversational language skills.

You can get further listings of language schools in English from


The Welcome and Integration Contract

This contract is proposed to any foreigner (16 years +) who resides legally in Luxembourg and wishes to remain on a permanent basis. It is optional and aimed at new arrivals as well as at people who have been living in Luxembourg for many years. As part of the contract you will be able to attend an orientation day and courses in

  • language training
  • citizenship training

The contract is designed to give people an insight into the history and cultural life in Luxembourg, in order to integrate better.


Volunteering as an Educational Experience

Many of the members of the international community who move to Luxembourg with children have worked previously in their home country often in professional careers. These men and woman may not be able to continue working in their traditional job because they may have young children to care for and are therefore not available to work full time, or their qualifications may not be recognised in Luxembourg. This can be very frustrating especially if you are resident long term and looking to find a new job/career in the future. You may or may not be familiar to volunteering in your community as a way of learning new skills, keeping up your experience of working with people or just for the sake of ‘giving something back’ to society. Volunteering can be an interesting and fun way to do all these things, and model a different approach to work to your children. In Luxembourg there are several ways to look for these opportunities. We have listed a few below.

Serve the City

Serve the City is a movement of volunteers serving in Luxembourg. They believe that many people doing small things together makes a big difference.

Their intention is to mobilize many volunteers to serve in simple ways, through sports, music, arts and crafts, meals, friendship and more. They are the connection between the good intentions and talents of people who could volunteer and a meaningful opportunity to get involved.

Scouting & Girl Guiding

Scouting & Guiding for young people in Luxembourg is very popular. These organisations provide structured activities for children from age 5 – 18 years. The groups are led or supported by adults who volunteer their time to prepare and run sessions.

Telstar International Scouts asbl

Telstar is the biggest groups Scouts (Boys & Girls) in Luxembourg. They provide activities for children aged 6-18 years old. They always need more adults to help out preparing and running sessions, at fund raising events or at camps. You do not need to give time regularly, but every adult who helps out means that they can provide more places for children. For more information about how you can help contact:

Girl Guides

Girl Guiding UK runs groups for girls aged 5 -18 years old. They always need adult volunteers to help run these groups and provide support and supervision at other events . For more information about how you can help contact:


Adult Education in Luxembourg

Second Degree asbl

The Second Degree is a fun Adult Education Programme based in Luxembourg. A wide range of courses are offered in English over an eight week period, typically 2 hours per week and are held in the evenings with the exception of a few. This format enables people to develop their knowledge of a favourite topic, or brand new one in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with fellow enthusiasts.

Luxembourg Accueil 

Luxembourg Accueil is a welcoming organisation for both foreigners and Luxembourgers alike.Its aim is to facilitate integration in the Grand Duchy via cultural, artistic and sporting activities. They run courses and groups on a variety of subjects including language conversation, photography, cooking and history of art. For more than 55 different nationalities, Luxembourgers as well as people who have lived here for many years, thus ensuring a smooth and friendly period of transition for new comers. French is their main language but many others are used regularly.

Open University

The Open University (UK) offers undergraduate and post graduate courses online to an internationally recognized standard.

Luxembourg University

The University runs several courses in English and many courses in dual languages.


Passage Parenting Seminars and Courses

Passage organise and run regular educational events for parents and professionals in the English speaking community .

Our first parent focused group will star on April 23rd with our new Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Course for Parents.


Keep watching our website for up and coming courses for parents including:

‘Time Out’ for Parents (an 8 week general introduction to Positive Parenting)

Specialist Evenings on Drugs & Alcohol Awareness , Internet Safety, and Sex & Relationship Education for Parents.