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January Blues

A new year has begun with the promise of new beginnings, resolutions, and as always the feeling in the air that we can start over and put the past behind us. Yes even THAT year. But what if you don’t feel this way, what if in fact you have woken

Welcome to Big School

I accompanied my daughter for the last time today into the corridors and inner sanctum of the Primary classroom. After today I am strictly forbidden without invitation to these hallowed walls. My baby has gone to Big School. Slightly giddy with the prospect of 30 minutes to myself, at least

The Beginning of Good Endings

The theme of our last Passage Professionals Network evening was ‘Good Endings & New Beginnings’. During this session we had a discussion about what this theme means to us personally and professionally as well as discussing strategies in providing support for families in transition. As is often the case in

Domestic Dads in Luxembourg

Spring has reached Luxembourg, there’s a soft breeze in the air, the inner city is crowded and three Swedish friends Fredrik, Peter and Björn meet at their favourite lunch bar Konrad for their weekly gathering. These are important – the lunch gatherings. They talk about their professional situations, Swedish politics,

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