EVENT: “Helping Children Deal with Loss” Free Talk on Tuesday 23rd October

This is a wonderful, new and indispensable English-speaking (also available in German) service that has recently arrived in Luxembourg.

Libby Kramer, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and a proponent of the Grief Recovery Method, is now available to give guidance and counsel, as well as offer specific training workshops that ”allow anyone who has experienced significant emotional loss to move beyond the pain and rejoin the mainstream of their lives”.

Starting on Tuesday, 6th November (6.00pm-8.00pm) and over four consecutive weeks on the same night, Libby will be giving a unique evening workshop specifically to help children deal with death, divorce, pet loss, moving or other losses. This programme designed for adults will teach you how to communicate with the children in your care about losses they have experienced and those they might yet to face.

If you are interested in participating, want more information or have questions, please contact Libby directly on: libby@grmspecialist.uk



Free Talk in October

However before that November workshop, there is a free talk given by Libby on Tuesday, 23rd October, at 6.00pm that you are all welcome to attend:


Venue: St. George’s International School


On the evening, you will learn about:

  • common myths and misconceptions about grief
  • how to talk to your child about death
  • the Grief Recovery Method and the “Helping Children Grieve” programme