EVENT: Lycée Michel Lucius Parents’ Conference on 7th February 2017 – Open to all

We wanted to bring to your attention that on the evening of Tuesday 7th February, the Lycée Michel Lucius will be holding a special parents’ conference on the following subject:


Straight to the Finish Line! How to Support your Child during School Orientation?

Picking the right academic path can be a challenging undertaking. There are either too many options, or very little possibilities left. This situation can create uncertainty and stress. Parents often play a crucial role during this time filled with choices.

  • How can parents support their children in an optimal way through this labyrinth of possibilities?
  • How can parents guide their children to make the right decisions at the different key points?

Guest speaker: Ms Isabelle Schon (Graduated Educator)


Please note that the evening starts at 7pm and the venue is the Salle Polyvalente at the Lycée Michel Lucius, 157 Avenue Pasteur, L-2311 Luxembourg. The conference will be conducted in Luxembourgish, French and English, with simultaneous language translations provided by ASTI.

This is a free event open to all parents and educators from all schools. For further information regarding the evening, please refer to the contact names and numbers displayed in the leaflet shown.